Packaging machines

Vacuum packing machines, as the name suggests, are used for hermetic packaging of food products. These professional devices are perfect for food processing plants. They will guarantee that the products will be fresh for a very long time and retain their aroma and taste. On our website, you will find only advanced machines that will ensure the maximum efficiency of your enterprise. Therefore, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the full BMG Trade offer, in which you will surely find the equipment that meets your requirements.

High-quality hermetic packing machine

Any type of fresh food that has to be refrigerated for a few days requires proper maintenance. The vacuum packing machine will keep your products fresh for a long time. For this reason, it is a device that is an absolute basis for the equipment of any food processing plant. It makes the process of production, as well as the sale of articles, carried out in an efficient and, above all, safe manner.

Each packing machine from our offer has a different size or technical parameters. Many variants allow you to choose a machine adapted to the specificity of the operation of your plant. We have equipment of various powers and maximum levels of generated pressure. Packers also have other models of air suction pumps and different control systems. However, all devices are equipped with several amenities that facilitate and accelerate the daily production of food. These include, among others:

  • rotary arm with a control screen attached,
  • integrated transport system,
  • flexible configuration of the packaging process,
  • automated product weighing and loading system.

How do vacuum packing machines work?

Packing machines are designed to quickly close the product in a foil package and extract the air. They create an extremely tight closure in the form of a strong weld. This guarantees resistance to evaporation and all external factors. As a result, each food item retains its freshness and appetizing appearance. On our website you can find only the best automatic packaging devices that will significantly extend the shelf life of the food produced.

Used vacuum packing machines – a wide selection

The BMG Trade offer includes only specialized devices for vacuum packaging. Packing machines available in the assortment ensure hermetic closure of the contents, so that no external factors can affect the quality and taste of the product. We offer models that have built-in solutions that can be used both by large food industry plants and smaller catering establishments.

We are able to find machines of various sizes, depending on the expectations of each client. Each proposed equipment comes from renowned, international manufacturers. They provide modern utility technologies and high-quality construction. An additional advantage of these devices is their simplicity and intuitive operation. Therefore, vacuum packing machines from BMG Trade are the perfect solution for all food production plants.

Vacuum packing machines used in great condition

We try to offer the most competitive prices that will be within the reach of every customer. The used packing machines we offer are as good as new devices. They undergo periodic checks. Any defects are immediately removed or repaired by our technicians. As a result, the machines from BMG Trade are always in perfect condition. Therefore, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the full offer and to contact our representatives to present the details of the selected equipment.