Derinders / Membraners

Membraners are professional butchering machines that can significantly facilitate the everyday work of any processing plant. Specialist equipment of this type is recommended for use both in large enterprises and smaller catering establishments. The BMG Trade offer includes modern and very efficient devices that will speed up the process of preparing various types of meat. In our stock, there are various types of membraners that can be quickly adapted to the specific nature of the work.

What are membraners used for?

Derinders are mainly used in meat processing. They allow you to quickly get rid of membranes from most types of meat, i.e., pork, poultry, veal, beef, and venison. Machines of this type have no problem with both flat elements and round product fragments. Each derinder from the BMG Trade offer is an ideal solution for butchers and other food industry plants. The purchase of such equipment will ensure continuity of work and, above all, greater safety of employees.

Derinders – professional machines of the highest quality

Specialized butcher machines, such as membraners, will reduce the effort of the entire workforce put into manual processing of meat. Thus, the time needed to complete the entire process will be much shorter, which in turn will greatly increase the efficiency of the plant. For this reason, the devices from our offer are appreciated in every company where large batches of food are prepared every day.

All models of derinders that we offer are top-shelf devices. They were designed by trusted and experienced producers such as Maja, Weber, Townsend or Nock. Butcher’s machines of these brands are equipped with modern functions. Moreover, they are adapted to long and uninterrupted work every day. Thanks to this, the plant’s production line will not be stopped even for a moment. This will ensure exceptional workflow and production efficiency.

The best butcher’s machines

Each membraner from the BMG Trade stock has been designed with passion. For this reason, the devices are equipped with most advanced technologies. The specific functions significantly increase the possibilities and technical parameters of the equipment. As a result, the operation of the plant remains undisturbed. The most important amenities include:

  • knives with the option of adjustment,
  • electric switch,
  • the option of adjusting the gap between the blades,
  • easily disassembled components for easy machine maintenance.

The equipment we offer is prepared to work even in extreme conditions. In this case, automating manual labor will contribute to a much better functioning of the enterprise. The effects will be visible after a short time.

Solid and durable membraners

It is worth paying attention to the ergonomic design of each device. A well-thought-out design makes the cleaning and maintenance of the equipment very easy. The round edges allow you to reach all small elements. The materials that the membraners are made of are also important. Stainless and acid-resistant steel meet the highest hygiene standards. Thanks to this, the processing of meats does not affect their quality and taste in any way. What’s more, they are materials resistant to exploitation and mechanical damage.

Multi-purpose butcher’s machines

Membraners from the BMG Trade’s stock are butcher’s machines that can be used in many types of food processing plants. Thanks to technologically advanced solutions, the devices perfectly handle all types of meat. Depending on the size of the deicer, it can be used not only in butcher’s shops, but also in restaurants, catering companies and other catering establishments.

Used membraners from BMG Trade

The used butcher’s machines from the BMG Trade offer are top-shelf devices. They are not inferior to new ones in any way. Some of the derinders are display models, which means they have never been used in industry. Each piece of equipment is also carefully inspected just before sale. Regular inspections rule out the possibility of purchasing a defective tool. What’s more, we also offer service in the event of any faults. Our team of technicians will ensure that the selected machine will serve you for many years. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of membraners from BMG Trade.