Maintenance services of food machines

The undisturbed and fast functioning of machinery is an indispensable ingredient for the proper operation of the food production industry. Ensuring effective manufacturing results in continuous development of an entire company. However, the food production machinery, like any mechanical device, can fail or just break down. Therefore, the quality maintenance service plays a key role in the business, as it will quickly restore the efficiency and operability of the facility.

As a part of our services, we offer a possibility of taking immediate care of small failures, as well as repairing complex faults. In addition to that, we also accept the orders for regular maintenance of machine parks in various types of food industry plants. We deal with comprehensive servicing of both individual food machines and entire production lines.

Services of the highest quality

When carrying out any repairs, we use only parts produced by original manufacturers. Because of that, we can offer many additional years of efficient food production. We are able to perform constant technical supervision, repairs and maintenance of devices. These services are to ensure failure-free and above all efficient operation of every food industry facility. When you hand over the equipment to our specialist, you can be sure that their skills are at the highest level.

Service of all types of machines

The qualified staff of BMG Trade can repair any type of butcher’s equipment or other food machinery. For years, we have been servicing used devices, produced by the best brands which are well-known all over the world. We guarantee very quick diagnosis and efficient handling of any defects found in the devices of the following companies: Seydelmann, Stephan, Wolfking, Handtmann, LASKA, FORMAX, STORK, KOPPENS and many others.

Our daily routine is maintenance and checking the equipment of many kinds. Among them are devices such as: mixers, injectors, cutters, separators, stuffers, dicing machines, tunnel freezers, washers, skinning machines, slicers, smoking and baking rooms, grills, transporters, feeders, clipping machines, metal detectors and smoke carts. We already have many years of experience in serving clients from many countries.

Therefore, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer of machine servicing and contact us for more details. Our employees will surely dispel any doubts and answer all of your questions about services. They will also tell you about the actions taken by our technicians. We always adjust the scope of work individually to each customer, just to ensure the highest standard of repairs.