Cutters / Emulsifiers

Cutters or emulsifiers are irreplaceable devices, recommended for every food processing business. Despite providing quality produce, professional buffalo choppers have to work with the greatest efficiency. Because of that, on our website, you will find machines manufactured by trusted, valued around the whole world producers. Find out more about the devices we offer and choose a perfect tool for your enterprise.

Used bowl choppers

Used buffalo choppers are priceless support in the production of any high-quality cold meats or pies. Used machines are usually in perfect condition and do not differ from a new device, which is delivered straight from manufacturer’s. The compact and solid, stainless or acid-resistant steel construction with round edges and polished downward sloped surfaces makes our cutters durable and practical to use. The specific properties of our machines guarantee work hygiene and safety of the operators.

BMG Trade has many years of experience and specializes in individual approach to every customer. Because of that, we are able to find a used meat cutter with parameters you need, upon your request. Then, you can be sure that the machine will meet your expectations.

Guarantee of the highest quality

Manufacturers such as Alpina, Laska or Seydelmann, which we have cooperated with for many years, guarantee modern technological solutions. They significantly improve the quality of buffalo chopper machines. Because of that, the devices we offer will deal with the most difficult tasks. The cutters will be ideal for any type of meat stuffing, fat emulsion, raw rinds, cheese, fish or vegetables. Some amenities, our machines have, are:

  • an integrated vacuum pump,
  • wheels which make relocating much easier,
  • a loader for meat bins of different sizes,
  • additional parts such as a set of knives or an outlet pipe,
  • a plastic, transparent, noise-suppressing cover,
  • a hydraulic product discharge.

These and many more additional options ensure high efficiency of the production. Moreover, the devices available in BMG Trade store are intuitive to use and easy to clean. The machines bought in our store will be an unbeatable support in everyday work of your business. Check a meat bowl cutter for sale now and make your facility work faster and smarter.

Wide range of bowl cutters in BMG Trade

Our company wants to meet the expectations of every customer. Because of that, we adjust the offer to always have a variety of products. In our stock, you will surely find a device that will comply with the requirements. Among others, we offer these types of tools:

  • an emulsifier cutter,
  • a bowl cutter,
  • a vacuum bowl cutter.

On our website, there are small bowl cutters, bigger bowl choppers and many other devices, that will fit in every condition. They will be perfect for huge processing plants, as well as for small businesses. The special offer we have ensures that choosing a machine, which will be adjusted to the work specifications of your company, will be much easier. Does not matter if you have exclusive restaurant or big food processing establishment – we will find a device for you. Because of that, we encourage you to see the complete offer of BMG Trade right now. We guarantee you will not regret it!