Dadaux Titane 80-2 bowl cutter

Used Dadaux Titane 80 is equipped with 6 knives, that cut the product easily. The bowl is made of stainless steel – which ensures the highest level of hygiene. The cutter is suitable to every meat industry plant.
Minimal gap between the knives and the bowl allows you to get a very smooth stuffing/emulsion while keeping the temperature of the stuffing low
The knives are made of stainles steel with strong thickness (2 to 3 cm).

The clearance between bowl and lid is down to a minimum which enables the production of fine products in a very short space of time with a minimum amount of heat produced during cutting.

Manufacturer: Dadaux
Model: Titane 80-2
Bowl Capacity: 80l
Bowl Speed: 10/20 turns/minute
Bowl Motor Power: 1.1Kw
Knife Speed: 1500/3000 turns/minute
Knife Motor Power: 18.4Kw
Dimensions: W1313mm x D1210mm x H1175mm
Weight: 1030kg