Formers / Breaders / Fryers

Butcher’s machines play a key role in many fields of the food industry. Their main task is to improve the work of each processing plant. Formers, fryers and breaders are devices that facilitate the final stage of food processing. This type of equipment incredibly accelerates and automates the processes of forming, frying, and breading. The purchase of such machines is an excellent way to increase efficiency and safety in catering establishments.

Formers for hamburgers and more

Forming machines are professional devices used both in butcheries and other food industry plants. They can be used to form food products from meat, vegetables, fruit, or cheese. They are also perfect for delicatessen products such as:

  • dumplings,
  • ravioli,
  • gnocchi,
  • noodles,
  • pies.

After providing the appropriate batch of the product, the machine divides it into portions of a specific shape or weight. The BMG Trade offer includes the most efficient forming machines on the market. Thanks to them, the work will be much easier and gain the right pace that will allow you to keep up with the competition. The formers we offer are modern and reliable devices, which ensure repeatability in the preparation of meat and other food products.

Fryers for professional use

Fryers from BMG Trade are distinguished by exceptional efficiency and high quality of workmanship. They will be perfect equipment for bars, restaurants, cafes, buffets, as well as for much larger catering companies. They are available in various options, which allows you to choose a model that matches the work specifics. Fryers are intended mainly for the preparation of snacks in deep fat such as donuts. Working with such a device can be dangerous. Therefore, regardless of the dimensions of the device, they are made of solid and durable materials. They also meet all standards and regulations.

The best industrial breaders

The BMG Trade offer includes both compact breading machines for small eateries and larger breading systems for large plants. Such devices will be used primarily in enterprises which regularly deal with meat and fish processing. They ensure complete, even, and smooth coating of products such as: 

  • chicken nuggets,
  • chicken breasts,
  • chicken drumsticks,
  • seafood,
  • fish fillets,
  • fish sticks,
  • hamburgers,
  • mushrooms.

Machines are fully safe in contact with food. They are also equipped with systems that regulate the operation. The excess coating is blown off with an air knife. The speed of the belt and the pump can be controlled by a potentiometer. Moreover, the breading machines can be easily integrated into existing production lines.

Modern solutions and amenities

The devices from the BMG Trade offer are equipped with proven solutions and useful technologies that can significantly improve the daily operation of each plant. They are designed for long-term, uninterrupted operation. They can be adapted to the specifics of the work, which makes them ideal for all conditions. The wide range of available models means that you can easily find formers, fryers and breaders that will meet your requirements. Our team will help you choose one with appropriate technical parameters and the right size. It is also worth paying attention to other amenities, e.g.:

  • breadcrumbs recirculation system and air knife in breading machines,
  • tapes preventing the product from flowing out in fryers,
  • hydraulic screw feeding in molding machines.

Equipment from BMG Trade is also characterized by high versatility. The devices are suitable for processing various types of meat, but also other food products. They will deal with vegetables, fruit, or fish. Moreover, the forming machines are equipped with various forms, that can portion the articles into any shape.

Efficient machines of the highest quality

Thanks to cooperation with the best designers, the machines from the BMG Trade offer will surprise you with their efficiency. Well-known and valued all over the world manufacturers such as Koppens, Handtmann or Provatec are a guarantee of a successful purchase that will serve you for many years.

The construction of devices from our offer complies with all safety standards. Durable and high-quality materials were used in the construction of each piece of equipment. Stainless steel and acid-resistant steel provide resistance to mechanical damage. Daily, long-lasting operation will not be a problem. The exceptional properties of the material also mean that the taste and smell of the products will remain unchanged after processing. No former, fryer or breader will negatively affect the products. Thanks to this, the final products will be completely safe to eat.

Used machines from BMG Trade

The used machines offered by BMG Trade are always in perfect technical condition. They ensure reliable operation and precise shaping, frying, or coating. They will be very useful equipment for any plant that deals with the processing of food products on a large scale. We encourage you to contact us to find out about the details of the offer. If you have any questions, our representatives will try to dispel any doubts.