Cooking Ketlles

Cooking kettles have been successfully used in gastronomy for many years. For this reason, they are included in the category of the most traditional types of equipment. They are very practical and functional devices that allow you to save a lot of time. They also have a very positive effect on the organization of the work in the kitchen, as they are an alternative to the popular method of cooking in pots. A cooking kettle can quickly prove to be an invaluable help in your plant. Therefore, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full BMG Trade offer.

What are gastronomic cookers used for?

Due to its characteristic properties, a cooking kettle will be perfect for all types of establishments, where food preparation takes place on a large scale. The purchase of this device will be a benefit not only for huge processing plants, but also restaurants, employee canteens and catering companies. This is because the equipment proposed by BMG Trade allows to produce a large amount of a specific food or dish. The capacity of the boiler can reach up to a thousand litres.

Various types of cooking kettles

BMG Trade can offer devices in several variants. They mainly differ in the way they are powered. One of the most popular models is a gas cooking kettle, which is heated with a special burner. However, regardless of the energy source and insulation method used, the machines from our assortment are characterized by a modern design of heaters. It allows for a significant reduction in the time needed for the complete heating of the tank. Gas kettles are additionally designed for easy installation under a local exhaust hood with a hood that discharges the fumes outside the room.

The electric boiling kettle from our offer can be equipped with a three-stage heating power regulation, which enables the reduction of electricity consumption by up to 30%. In addition, despite such a large energy savings, the thermal parameters do not change. This means that at all times they remain at a level sufficient to maintain the temperature of the boiled product. Moreover, a high-voltage generator is used in the burner ignition system, which makes it much easier to start the kettle.

High-performance and high-quality cooking kettles

All cooking kettles from BMG Trade’s range are built in accordance with the applicable safety directives. They are also made of durable materials, which are resistant to all kinds of mechanical damage. Metals such as stainless steel and acid-resistant steel make the equipment easy to clean. Smooth surfaces and profiled, light lids with a high rim also allow maintaining hygiene at the highest level at all times.

Some devices are also equipped with additional amenities. Useful solutions such as a double-wall heating system can effectively prevent burning of products. Teflon scrapers fitted in the mixers allow for thorough cleaning of the internal surfaces of the kettle. To increase the safety of the devices, manufacturers install an electronic control system. It turns off the kettle in the event of too low water level in the heater. It signals the need for refilling and determines the kettle’s readiness for operation.

Used brewing kettle in excellent condition

Bearing in mind the high expectations of our customers, we collect brewing kettles only from well-known and respected manufacturers such as Lozamet, Kromet, Karpowicz, Lotus or RM Gastro. The equipment of these brands is designed to operate continuously even in extreme conditions. Regardless of whether they are gas, electric or steam boilers, experienced constructors guarantee efficient operation for many years.

In order to ensure the highest quality, BMG Trade also carries out necessary repairs and periodic inspections of all offered machines. That is why even used machines are always kept in perfect condition They are always ready for operation immediately after installation. Therefore, we encourage you to view the entire range on our website. If you have any questions, please contact our representatives. They will tell you about the details of the selected devices and dispel all doubts.