Slicers / Steakers

Butcher’s machines play a key role in the food industry. Their main task is to significantly improve the operation of each plant. Slicers are devices designed for portioning products. They cut various items into slices or cubes, which makes subsequent processing very easy. Meat steakers will also be very helpful in the preparation of the final products. Such equipment incredibly speeds up and automates the cutting of chops, steaks, or hamburgers. It is an ideal solution to make the production process efficient and safe.

Professional slicers of the highest quality

We know that each butcher’s machine must be top-shelf equipment. That is why all slicers in the BMG Trade assortment are modern and reliable devices that ensure continuity and repeatability in the preparation of meat and other food products. They are equipped with proven solutions and useful technologies. In addition, they are adapted for continuous, uninterrupted operation. Well-known and valued all over the world manufacturers such as Treif, Weber, Laska or Urschel are a guarantee of a good purchase, that will serve you for many years.

Thanks to the cooperation with the best designers, the machines from BMG Trade’s offer will delight you with their efficiency. They are always made of high-quality and durable materials. Usually, it is stainless steel or acid-resistant steel. These metals guarantee resistance to mechanical damage, as well as to everyday exploitation. Moreover, well-thought-out construction and the best materials do not change the taste and smell of the products. None of the meat slicers affect the products, ensuring safe food.

Highly efficient used slicers

The efficiency of production is one of the most important factors in both large meat processing plants and smaller eateries. In our assortment, you can easily find devices adapted to all conditions and specificity of work. Many available models allow you to choose an industrial slicer machine that will meet all the requirements. We will help you find one with adapted technical parameters and the right size. The machines are also distinguished by other amenities, including:

  • many cutting programs, e.g., single-row or multi-row,
  • touch screen with programmable memory,
  • accurate laser measurement system,
  • integrated dynamic scale for precise portioning.

The equipment offered by BMG Trade is also highly versatile. Our devices will process not only various types of meat, but also other products. Boiled, chilled or even frozen fruits and vegetables will not be a problem. Slicers are adapted for portioning all foodstuffs in the form of strips, cubes, slices, or bars.

Used slicer in perfect condition

The devices we offer undergo periodic inspections and necessary repairs. Thanks to this, each used meat slicer is not inferior to the quality and efficiency of machines that just left the factory. Therefore, there is no doubt that the equipment from our assortment will meet all expectations. In case of any problems, we also offer technical assistance. We are able to organize an experienced technician who will keep the device operational for many years.

Professional steaker

Steakers are professional machines that can significantly improve the work of processing plants, butcher shops or various types of restaurants. They are adapted to produce all types of meat, both with and without the bone. Prepared portions can be served to customers immediately after frying. However, they can also be subjected to deep-freezing. Therefore, the device can be used for the production of fresh products, but also frozen food sold in shops and other catering venues.

The best electric steaker

The steakers from the BMG Trade assortment are primarily characterized by safety, high efficiency, and reliability. Thanks to many years of experience in the industry, we know that these are the most important factors in the operation of food industry plants. That is why we make sure that the proposed devices are designed to work for many hours without breaks. Desired properties are guaranteed by the world’s best producers such as Treif or Dadaux.

In order to be able to meet the expectations of all customers, the offer includes many models of butcher machines. They differ in size or technical parameters. However, they are all united by the highest quality of workmanship and the use of modern technologies. The steakers are made of stainless steel. Thanks to this, they are resistant to any damage. Parts made of this metal are also very easy to maintain and clean.

Highly efficient used steakers

Chops, steaks or other meat products should be juicy, soft and delicious. However, only the appropriate method of processing can provide such advantages. When used in the wrong way, articles not only lose their nutritional value. Their weight may also change. Therefore, innovative solutions, which the choppers from the BMG Trade offer have been equipped with, are extremely important. They guarantee unprecedented efficiency, but also retain all the values of meat. The taste of the product is maintained, and the production speed is up to 400 cuts per minute.

Used steaker in excellent condition

The used machines offered by BMG Trade are always in top condition. They ensure reliable operation and extremely accurate cutting of various types of meat. They will be very useful equipment for any plant that produces groceries on a large scale. However, they will also work well in smaller enterprises. Steakers will improve the preparation of dishes such as hamburgers, steaks, or minced cutlets. So, feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions about the devices. Our representatives will try to dispel all doubts.