Treif Divider 440 Automatic Slicer

Used Treif Divider 440 automatic slicer. The compact and space-saving design of the DIVIDER 440 ensures optimum use of space and combines this advantage with the performance of much larger machines. The slicer allows a high degree of flexibility as the product can be replaced without having to change any mechanical components of the system. The machine can be used in many different ways due to its ability to work within production lines.

-Product presentation: Stacking, rosette, portioning, offsetting is possible.
-Conveyor belt as a connection to the packaging machine in the set
– The machine is equipped with a dynamic scale for precise portioning of the sliced product.
-Cutting thickness from 0.5 to 25 mm
-Maximum product length: 850mm
-Maximum dimensions of the product (w x h): 280 x 160 mm
-Sharpener for the knife in set

Manufacturer: Treif
Model: Divider 440
Height: 2200 mm
Width: 1000 mm
Length: 2522 mm
Weight: 650 kg
Electric power supply: 400V 50Hz 3N
Total power: 4,8 kW
Cutting speed: 1760 cuts/min

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