Weber CCS 602 Slicing line

Used High Speed CCS602 slicer is suitable for various food products such as meats & cheese to be cut into slices with adjustable thickness of 0,1 to 50 mm. It is fitted with a 460mm cutting blade & has a power rating of 10kw & minimum pneumatic pressure of 6 bar. Controlled by touch screen with user friendly interface.

Max. Cutting Blade Speed: 600 rpm/min
Pneumatic Pressure (min): 6 bar
Air Consumption: Approx. 60 l/min
Max. Length of Product: 1200mm
Product step width: adjustable up to Max. 380mm
Product height: 135mm
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H): 2400mm x 1400mm x 2200mm

Weber CCR checkweigher
Digital weighing system with transport speed up to 1,000 mm per second.
Checkweigher completely made of stainless steel.
Weighing-table length 485 mm, width 370 mm,
capacity up to max. 90 weight measurements per minute
(depending on portions)
max. portion weight 1,000 g, (+/- 1 g)

Static transport conveyor
Conveyor to transport the portions from the slicer to the packaging machine.
The conveyor belt can be easily removed from the belt frame without using any tools. The transport speed is controlled by the Slicer.
Belt-width approx. 420 mm.

Slicers / Steakers