Food separators are professional devices that allow you to increase profits and optimize the consumption of available raw food materials. Their main task is to separate high-quality meat from any bone elements. Exceptional machines offered by BMG Trade are characterized by outstanding durability and efficiency. Each separator in our offer can significantly facilitate everyday work of various types of processing plants.

What are separators used for?

Separating equipment is usually used to separate valuable meat from raw materials such as carcasses, bones, cartilages and bones. Such machines can also be used to separate the pulp in the case of fruit and vegetables. Another important task of the equipment is to extract the ground fat from pork fat and skin. Depending on what kind of perforation is used, it is also possible to use the device for shredded bodies, necks or other bone elements when cutting poultry.

Separators of the highest quality

All the machines from the BMG Trade’s offer are tools of the highest quality. Flawless workmanship and high practicality are the features that we pay particular attention to, when delivering each device to the food industry. Food separators from our stock are manufactured by trusted and reputable brands all over the world. Each piece of equipment they design is constructed with passion. Therefore, working with the devices is safe and easy.

Companies such as Provisur Beehive, Inject Star or Sepamatic are experienced suppliers of top-class components for various types of production lines. Food separators of these brands are equipped with appropriate solutions and advanced functions that significantly improve everyday work. Purchasing the equipment guarantees positive long-term effects. Each plant can save a lot of time and money. Moreover, the devices ensure smoothness of work, and above all, effective production.

What are the greatest advantages of BMG Trade’s separators?

The machines available on the BMG Trade’s website are characterized by an exceptionally practical design. The best components used in the construction of food separators maximize the benefits of the preparation process. Our experience told us that impeccable workmanship and resistance to exploitation are of great importance in the food industry. That is why we offer tool equipped with adjusted solutions that increase their possibilities and technical parameters. Some of the amenities are:

  • thick-walled steel chambers,
  • efficient delivery mechanisms,
  • special filling systems,
  • product sensors,
  • elastic squeezing bands.

The features of the BMG Trade’s machines guarantee the best possible meat. The properties such as clear and fibrous structures are a sign of high-quality product.

Solid and durable food separators

The BMG Trade’s offer includes various models of separator with variable capacity. Wide range of items allows customers to choose a device perfectly adjusted to their needs. There are both smaller and larger machines with different capacities. All of them are great for separating products such as:

  • pork,
  • beef,
  • poultry,
  • fish,
  • lamb.

Each tool is made of the highest quality materials, in accordance with safety standards. Stainless steel or acid-resistant steel are metals that meet the highest hygiene standards. A well-thought-out design and durable construction guarantee many years of operation without any mechanical damage.

Used separators from BMG Trade

Each device from our offer undergoes an appropriate inspection just before sale. Because of our experience, we know what a professional food separator should look like. For this reason, any used machine from our offer will not differ in quality from new equipment. The purchased machine will be ready to work immediately after installation. In the event of any failure, our technicians can also fix the device. Therefore, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of the offer.