Simo DH100/225 bone separator

Simo DH100/225 bone separator is suitable for processing all types of raw meat materials. The rugged stainless steel construction, thick-walled steel chambers and efficient feeding mechanism enable to efficiently handle even the most difficult meat processing tasks.
Additionally it has extended hopper for product infeed which saves the loading time. The separator is suitable for separating, desinewing and defatting products such as:
– pork
– beef
– poultry
– fish
– lamb

Machine has been completly refurbished! New electric box, reconditioned motor and all inside parts! Whole body glassblasted and cleaned! Ready for immediate shipment!

Many drums and spare augers in set!

Dimensions: 2300 x 1400 x H1850mm
Main motor power: 15kW
Feeding motor power: 11kW