Provisur AM2C STS2000 belt separator

Provisur’s STS 2000 (soft tissue separator) boasts a durable design crafted from premium materials, ensuring dependable performance.
This technology efficiently removes bone fragments, sinew, and cartilage from meat and fish while preserving the fiber structure. It’s also versatile, suitable for dairy depacking and extracting creams from vegetables like avocados and garlic.
As products enter the separator, a flexible pressing belt and an adjustable perforated drum mechanically separate the soft components from hard contaminants, which are then discarded through a waste chute.

In set with trolley for tools and drums.
Equipped with a hopper screw feeding system.

Technical data:
Power: 12kW
Efficiency: 1.000-2.300 kg/h
Manual/automatic operation
Weight: 1800kg