Smokehouses are professional devices designed for smoking and thermal treatment of food products such as meats, fish or cheese. We offer traditional smoking chambers, based on one of the oldest methods of smoking, as well as modern smokehouses, equipped with advanced systems and functions. Regardless of the model you choose, the effect will be outstanding. Find out more about available machines in BMG Trade and see if we have a smokehouse that meets your expectations.

Industrial smokehouse machine

Smoking chambers we present are characterized by exquisite construction and high capacity. The temperature in the chamber is controlled on an ongoing basis. Also, the temperature of foodstuffs in the chamber is measured continuously. Moreover, the smoke is always properly dosed. These solutions allow for achieving a perfectly repeatable process, which provides the highest quality of the products. Smokehouses we offer are multifunctional and can be used for many kinds of thermal treatment:

  • hot smoking and (in some devices) cold smoking,
  • cooking (also cooking with smoking),
  • browning,
  • roasting,
  • drying,

Most of our devices have special controllers and controlling screens, which significantly automate the smoking process. It is a major simplification for the operators of the machines. Because of that, there is no necessity of organizing repeatable trainings for workers. Additionally, the chambers are usually equipped with automatic or semi-automatic cleaning system.

When it comes to dimensions of the smokehouses, they depend on several factors. Firstly, the quantity of smoking trolleys, that can be placed inside the chamber, plays a major role. In our stock, we have small chambers that can fit just one trolley, as well as big, multi-trolley smokehouses. Furthermore, the chambers can be blind (door only at the front side) or pass-through (door at the both sides of the chamber). The wide range of smokehouses allows us to supply small businesses, as well as huge food processing facilities.

Traditional meat smokehouse

In a traditional smoking chamber, the heat and smoke, needed for the thermal treatment, are provided by a classic hearth. However, the whole device is equipped with much more advanced features. Smoking trolleys have a load rotation system. Foodstuffs are hanged on a rotating platform, which moves the products during the smoking process. This ensures excellent effect of smoking through the whole product. Smoking with the traditional method of burning wood chips of deciduous trees gives the qualities, which are desired among the consumers – wonderful smell, color and of course taste.

Used smokehouses

The construction of every smoke chamber we offer is based on tested and proven solutions. Because of that, even used smokehouses will always be solid and durable. The manufacturers, who we have worked with for many years, deliver machines to the plants all over the European Union, but also other parts of the world. These brands guarantee the highest quality of each component of a device.

The smokehouses we offer are always made from top class materials. The side walls, doors and ceilings made of stainless steel panels shall ensure reliability of the whole machine. Using acid-resistant steel for some parts is a way to make sure that the foodstuffs are not exposed to any kind of contamination. These measures, used in the construction of the devices we offer, guarantee the highest quality and work hygiene. Because of that, we encourage you to check BMG Trade’s full offer. It will allow you to choose a device that will fit perfectly in your business.