Brine Preparation Tanks

Brine tanks are reliable and simple butchering machines used to prepare the brine solution. This substance is used for injecting the product. The tanks are recommended for use mainly in large meat processing plants, but some of the devices will work great in smaller butcher’s shops and other gastronomic establishments. This type of equipment allows you to quickly prepare brine without losing the quality and taste of the meat.

Brine preparation tanks of the highest quality

Brine preparation tanks offered by BMG Trade are efficient devices that are adapted to work in all conditions. The solution prepared in modern machines will be perfect for various types of food products. Because of this, the injection will not have a negative impact on the quality of the meat. The injection of the highest quality substances will result in a unique taste, smell, colour, and durability of the food.

The BMG Trade offer includes only brine stations that can provide the expected production efficiency. That is why the machines we deliver come only from proven and trusted producers. Brands such as Metalbud Nowicki or Gunther have specialized in providing many companies with top-class butchering equipment for years. They are constantly looking for new, reliable solutions that can facilitate work in various processing plants.

Professional brine preparation tanks

Brine preparation tanks are the basic pieces of equipment in large butcher’s shops and eateries. This type of device is a great help in any place where large-scale meat production is a priority. Tanks from BMG Trade allow you to quickly prepare a quality brine solution. Because of this, the plant can operate even faster without worrying about the condition of the product.

The substance mixed in the appropriate device does not damage the structure of the meat. Its effect on foodstuffs is quite the opposite. A high-quality solution can improve their properties. As a result, the products will be crisp and juicy. The taste and quality of meats will undoubtedly be appreciated by all customers.

Brine preparation tanks from BMG Trade – advantages

Technical progress is constantly providing new solutions in the field of butchering machines. Devices based on modern technologies are already available on the market. They are extremely resistant to high exploitation. For this reason, they are perfect for plants where production lines operate practically without interruption. At BMG Trade, we offer many models of machines that differ in size, technical parameters, and operating modes. Brine stations from our offer are also equipped with special amenities such as:

  • touchscreen,
  • brine level indicator,
  • efficient pump,
  • automatic control system,
  • flake ice feeder.

Each machine from BMG Trade is characterized by an ergonomic and durable construction. The materials used for the construction of devices are always top-notch. Metals such as stainless steel and acid-resistant steel are completely safe in contact with food. Therefore, the brine solution does not adversely affect the quality of the meats.

Reliable butchering machines

The devices from the BMG Trade’s offer work with extreme precision. Compact design and intuitive control ensure the accuracy of each process. As a result, the brine tanks produce a solution with the desired parameters. Moreover, they can work in all conditions without any efficiency loss. Flat and rounded surfaces also facilitate cleaning and maintenance of the machines, so they can be used for many years.

Used brine preparation tanks from BMG Trade

It is worth bearing in mind that the used butchering equipment is usually of the same quality as the new models. Each brine station from the BMG Trade’s offer undergoes regular inspections and necessary repairs. Thanks to such activities, the equipment in our warehouse is always in perfect condition. In the event of any defects, we also offer the possibility of fixing brine tanks at the workplace. Therefore, please contact our representatives who will provide detailed information about each used brine preparation tank.