Laska Z arm 400l

We are under the process of another BIG service!

Laska Z-arm 400l mixer is being completly refurbished
At the request of the customer our automation specialist writes a new program, at the same time is building the entire electrical cabinet from scratch!

Service also includes glass blasting, vacuum pump service, new orings, gaskets and everything else what is needed to make this device as good as new!

Fresh equipment in our stock!

Just arrived!
Cryovac rotary vacuum packing, shrinking and drying line

This line is suitable to work with big products, it is in very good working condition.

The line consists of:

Cryovac Furukawa rotary packer, model FV 8620-14
Cryovac hot water shrink tunnel, model ST98
Cryovac dryer, model WR26