Tunnel Freezers

Freezing tunnels are professional devices intended mainly for industrial use. The machines are specialized equipment installed as basic element of technological lines for the production of frozen food. The BMG Trade offer includes modern tunnel freezers equipped with innovative solutions that facilitate daily, long-lasting work. We offer models that differ in size and technical parameters. Therefore, you can find here a freezing tunnel that fits both large enterprises and smaller businesses in the food industry.

What are tunnel freezers used for?

Tunnel freezers are modern and highly efficient cooling devices. They are used to freeze a wide range of fruit and vegetables as well as other food products. They are intended mainly for use in large plants which deal with food processing and storage. Cold stores and industrial freezing facilities will surely benefit from such devices. Nevertheless, some models of equipment from BMG Trade can also be used for freezing or chilling non-food products.

Tunnel freezers of the highest quality

Preservation of food with the help of low temperature is currently one of the most popular processes in various areas of the food industry. Cooling down makes it possible to keep the products fresh for a few or several days. On the other hand, freezing allows you to store food for a very long time. The widespread use of these methods contributed to the development of individual freezing technology. It is important to combine good preservation of foodstuffs with unchanged taste and aesthetic values. At BMG Trade, you can find devices that will make the production of top-class products possible.

Devices from trusted manufacturers

Tunnel freezers from our offer are high-quality machines. Our experience in the industry allows us to provide tools that are characterized by the best construction features. We work with well-known manufacturers all over the world. Thanks to this, we know which devices and solutions will meet the requirements of our customers. We can assure you that each tunnel freezer we propose is top-shelf equipment.

Companies such as Freshline, Guelt and Linde have been designing machines for many years. These brands are praised by the largest food producers from every continent. Freezing tunnels of these producers have built-in modern solutions. Because of that, they are perfect for professional use. Strong casings and durable components make the devices suitable for continuous work every day. With such a machine in your plant you can be sure that the production line will not stop even for a moment.

The advantages of BMG Trade’s tunnel freezers

The most important features of all devices used in the food industry are efficiency and reliability. In order to ensure such properties, we offer freezing tunnels with special functions that increase the most important technical parameters. All of that is to meet the requirements of our customers. We care about making everyday work easier. For this reason, the machines from BMG Trade have additional solutions such as:

  • liquid nitrogen systems that are an economical alternative to traditional methods of freezing and cooling food,
  • innovative constructions that ensure easy cleaning,
  • connections with high-speed cutting devices,
  • special fan systems.

The materials used in the construction of each freezing tunnel meet the highest hygiene standards. As a result, they do not adversely affect food. Additionally, stainless steel ensures exceptional durability of all components.

The best tunnel freezers from BMG Trade

Freezing tunnels from our offer are ready for operation immediately after installation. Our specialists carry out regular checks and repairs. Thanks to this, we can always provide customers with the devices of excellent quality. If any defects appear after the purchase, we also offer fixing of all machines. Because of that, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the full range of available equipment. For details of specific tunnel freezers, please contact BMG Trade representatives.