CES Freezing Tunnel (Liquid nitrogen)

The CES Freezing Tunnel is designed for efficient and high-quality freezing of food products.
Designed to optimize energy consumption, reducing operational costs while maintaining high performance.

Suitable for a wide range of food products including meats, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and prepared meals.

Machine uses LIN (liquid nitrogen) for rapid and efficient freezing, ensuring the quick preservation of product quality. It incorporates insulation and other energy-saving technologies to minimize temperature loss.

Device equipped with a special fan systems which distributes the liquid nitrogen evenly inside the machine. Temperature inside may reach – 160 °C

All processes are operated by advanced control systems (PLC) for automation and precise management of the freezing process.

Techical features:
Model: CES-MP-LIN-9mx3x0.915-HOTL-PLC
Maximum product height: 290mm
Dimensions: L: 10130mm x W: 1900mm / 2700mm (with Electric cabinet) x H: 2175mm ( 3370mm opened)

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