Shipment preparation

Preparation of the machines for shipment

Our specialists have extensive experience, not only in repair, but also in the preparation of machines for shipment. In our offer, you can find a wide selection of equipment from various manufacturers. That is why we always use packing methods adapted to the size and shape of the devices. Because of that, our customers always have a guarantee that each machine will reach them intact.

The organization of the transport

The delivery of the devices from our store is always compliant with the International Trade Rules. This means that after the purchase, we bear the costs of the transport, loading and insurance, until the goods are handed over to the first carrier. The delivery method is always indicated by our customer. Only at the time of picking up the equipment by the carrier, the risk of any possible damage or loss is put on the buyer.

Methods of packing

After full payment of the invoice or on the basis of the previously agreed advances, we prepare the machines for shipment. We do this only in a manner, that has been approved by our customer. This is to ensure that we will fully meet all the requirements. Some of the methods we use frequently are for example:

Therefore, we always supervise the carrier’s obligations to check that the machines are properly secured. Because of that, we usually send full transports in order to ensure that the waiting time will be as short as possible. In the cases that require longer, collective transport or reloading on the way, we make boxes, which are especially designed for the transport of a specific device.

Safe shipping

The machines for the food processing businesses, available in our store, come exclusively from companies, which are renowned in the industry. Therefore, the devices are always of the highest quality. Because of that, ensuring the safety of the loading and transport is our priority. If you have not found the machine you wanted, we encourage you to contact us. We will help you in your search. BMG Trade’s qualified team of specialists will guarantee top services and the delivery on time. The purchased equipment will reach you without any faults.