Grinders / Mincers

Mincers and grinders we offer are professional equipment, highly recommended for use in butcher’s restaurants and shops. They significantly facilitate the process of grinding meat, fruits, vegetables or diary products. In our store, you will find only high-quality commercial meat grinders, which will remain operational for many years. Check our food mincers or electric meat grinders for sale and make your business more efficient just now.

High-quality used meat grinders

Firstly, used meat grinders are still in perfect shape. The durable and strong materials, which specific machine components are made of, guarantee that the machines we offer are high-quality, reliable devices. Most often, meat grinders are made of stainless steel or acid-resistant steel. The materials are resistant to damage and impact of other factors, for example rust. This shall ensure that any meat grinder we offer, will not affect the safety or effectiveness of the food grinding process.

Furthermore, the manufacturers of the equipment implement revolutionary solutions, which improve the grinding process to a great extent. Among other things, the machines have:

  • feeding chutes in a shape which prevents products from sticking to its surface,
  • grinding augers which prevent from excess heating of meat,
  • mixers installed in the basket to prevent product from blocking,
  • replaceable components which are easy to remove and to obtain.

The properties of the machines will also make cleaning and maintenance much easier. It will also reduce the time needed for staff training. Because of that, every used meat grinder we offer will fit in every condition. Moreover, food mincers we offer are manufactured in accordance with European Union safety regulations and standards.

It is worth to know, that sometimes, used meat grinders for sale are exhibition products, which means that they were never used on a production line. It is not very common case but if you come across such an offer, it is definitely worth considering. This is why looking at used mincers can be rewarding.

Not only for butcher’s

Meat grinders are devices developed mainly for usage in butcher shops and meat processing facilities. However, in our stock, you will find mincers that will be extremely useful in smaller facilities as well. Commercial meat grinder is a must-have in shops, catering companies and restaurants. If you still use a manual food mincer, use an electric meat grinder once, and you will see the difference immediately.

Mincer machines BMG Trade puts forward are perfect for grinding different kinds of meat (raw or frozen), as well as other foodstuffs. Modern mincers, manufactured by valued brands, will fit in every food processing business.

BMG Trade’s wide selection of mincers

In our store, you will find a wide range of machines. They differ from each other in construction and technical parameters. Nevertheless, they are all exceptionally powerful pieces of professional equipment. Exemplary properties of the devices we have are:

  • powerful motors – starting with motors with power of 9 kW, 17 kW, 23 kW or 55 kW, finishing with even 80 kW,
  • modern blades – exceptionally sharp blades, equipped in safety features which eliminate the risk of any injury during worktime,
  • high performance – in our offer, there are machines which have efficiency of 1500 kg/h, 3000 kg/h, 5000 kg/h or even 10000 kg/h,
  • advanced technologies – design and technological solutions which will modernize and speed up every production,
  • additional parts – some of our products come with extra parts. They are often unused elements such as: mincing plates, knives, precutters and spacers,
  • large-capacity tanks – BMG trade puts forward devices with tanks which capacity is e.g. 150 l, 185 l, 250 l, 500 l.

Thanks to our rich offer, we can provide small processing facilities, as well as bigger food processing works, with perfect machines. On our website, in each product description, there are detailed technical parameters, which allow you to find the mincer machine you need. Additionally, with our network of contacts around the world, we will be able to find a machine upon your request. With our understanding of the know-how in food industry, we will also be able to assure you in your choice.