Laska WW 160 2G angle meat grinder

Used Laska WW 160 2G angle meat grinder is a solution designed for practicality and performance, provides seamless operation of food production facilities. Its ability to grind both fresh and frozen products (up to -18 C), coupled with its stainless steel construction and dual-speed capabilities, positions it as an indispensable asset, exemplifying the harmonization of efficiency, hygiene, and reliability.

Machine in set with loading for 200l meat bins and trolley for tools

Throat diameter: 160mm
Auger speed: 1st gear (185 rpm) / 2nd gear (370 rpm)
Power: 43kW
Efficiency: up to 9.000 kg/h
Dimensions: L: 1800 x W: 1650 x H: 1600mm (2850mm with loading)
Weight: approx 2000kg

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