Used miscellaneous

Besides basic butchering machines, each processing plant needs a range of devices that will complete the production line. There would be no point in producing large batches of foodstuffs without the right equipment for loading, transporting or dividing the products. Each of these processes requires a specific machine. Only by providing these devices the business can run smoothly. The wide range of equipment from BMG Trade will allow you to maintain the efficient production of various types of meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and other food products.

Used butchering machines

Machines used for meat processing are usually quite expensive. Because of this, buying used equipment can be a great way to cut expenses. All devices from BMG Trade’s offer ensure the highest quality of production. Many years of cooperation with manufacturers taught us how to choose reliable machines that will ensure efficient and quality production. Some of the devices are exhibition pieces that have never been used in the industry. The rest of the equipment we offer is well-kept. The tools come from reliable brands, so you can be sure they will sere you for many years.

Meat processing machines of the highest quality

Meat processing defines all the methods that are used to prepare a product for human consumption. Some properties of foodstuffs must be changed. For example, their shelf life should be extended and their taste should be improved. Therefore, each device used in processing plants must be of the highest quality. Different food products require different treatment. Depending on the type of food, the most common processing methods are:

  • pickling,
  • salting,
  • fermentation,
  • grinding,
  • smoking,
  • freezing.

Due to the multitude of various methods, the processing companies must stock up on a number of machines. Only the right selection of the highest quality equipment will guarantee efficient work and satisfactory product. The BMG Trade’s offer includes devices from trusted manufacturers from all over the world. Brands such as Inotec, Nowicki or Airpol have been providing durable and modern machines for many years.

Various types of equipment for the food industry

Butcher’s equipment is not all we can offer. The assortment also includes machines for other areas of the food industry. Moreover, on BMG Trade’s website you can find devices for transporting or labeling processed foodstuffs. Some of the additional tools are:

  • dividers,
  • lifts,
  • trolleys,
  • band saws,
  • loaders,
  • labeling systems.

A wide selection of equipment means that every company will find a device that will perfectly meet the requirements. On our website you can find machines intended for both large processing establishments and smaller premises such as catering companies.

Modern solutions for used machines

All machines from the BMG Trade’s offer are professional devices with well-thought and solid constructions. The best designers from respected companies around the world use solutions that significantly facilitate everyday work in processing plants. Intuitive and electronic control systems make operating of the devices exceptionally easy. The possibility of programming ensures remarkable repeatability and precision of production. Such properties have a very positive effect on the quality of foodstuffs and company’s performance.

Used butcher machines from BMG Trade are characterized by a durable construction, which is resistant to mechanical damage. Materials such as stainless steel or acid-resistant steel ensure the highest level of hygiene and easy maintenance. Moreover, the edges of individual elements are rounded, which makes cleaning of hard-to-reach components a lot easier. Because of that, used machines from our offer are always in perfect condition. Regular inspections guarantee that the devices will retain their properties for many years.

Used equipment from BMG Trade

Each used machine from our offer undergoes regular controls and repairs. They are carried out to make sure that proposed devices are in a great condition. Because of proper maintenance, the equipment is ready to work immediately after the installation. Our specialists also take care of servicing of purchased items in the event of any failure. Therefore, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full offer on the website. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us.