The industrial meat injector is a professional device intended for injecting brine solution to various elements of poultry, pork, fish, as well as many other food products. The application of properly prepared brine with spice additives allows you to increase the quality and efficiency of production. In BMG Trade’s offer you can find machines in various variants and sizes. Because of that, you can choose an injector that will perfectly match the specifics of your plant’s operating system.

What is an injector used for?

In order to stand out from the competition, the meat needs an injection of something special. Enriching the products with additional values is possible thanks to the appropriate equipment. The industrial meat injector allows you to efficiently perform butchering work without negatively affecting the final food product. The curing process, performed by such a machine, results in an exceptional taste, smell, color, and durability of the meat.

BMG Trade can offer different models of the machine. It means that you can easily find a device for any meat industry plant. The electric injector will be a great improvement in large companies as well as in smaller gastronomic businesses. The devices we propose can also handle any type of raw foodstuffs. Products like meat on the bone or delicate poultry and fish fillets will not be a challenge.

Meat injectors of the highest quality

Technical progress provides many new and useful solutions. This also applies to the field of butchering machines. Nowadays you can easily find innovative devices such as high-pressure needle injectors or even needle-free injectors. The manufacturers often equip them with installations for filtering and regenerating brine. Some machines are also integrated with loading system. The multi-needle injectors, with the function of tenderizing meat, using special cutting knives, are also wort mentioning. In some models you can also find additional amenities, such as:

  • microprocessor control,
  • diagonal double-head,
  • pneumatic needle support and shock absorption system,
  • highly efficient brine pumps,
  • multi-stage filtration system.

All of these solutions allow you to develop the most effective methods of meat preservation. A properly planned process is a key factor to obtain safe final product of the highest quality, which can be stored for a long time. Nowadays curing is used in the production of about 80% of preserves, so the purchase of an injector is often a necessity.

Injectors from trusted manufacturers

The food industry owes its smooth operation to devices, which are made in accordance with the highest standards. For this reason, the machines available in BMG Trade are constructions designed by the most respected manufacturers from around the world. Brands such as Nowicki, Gunther or Ekomex guarantee reliability and high performance. These companies’ injectors will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

The materials, which are used to construct the equipment, are usually stainless steel or acid-resistant steel. These metals ensure resistance to exploitation and mechanical damage. It also prevents brine from penetrating into the internal components of the injector. Moreover, the built-in fluid blocking system allows flushing of the entire system. The smooth surfaces are also an important factor as they facilitate the maintenance and cleaning of the external elements.

Used meat injectors

It is worth knowing that the used butchering machines usually match the quality of the brand-new equipment. Each electric meat injector from the BMG Trade’s offer undergoes regular inspections and necessary repairs. Because of that, the machines we propose are always in excellent condition. In the event of any faults, we also service the purchased machines. Our technicians will make your device running for many years. Therefore, we invite you to contact our representatives, who will answer all additional questions and dispel any doubts.