Complete Inject Star marinating and injecting line

The Inject Star marinating and injecting line is a complete solution for every production plant. Designed to enhance the flavor, tenderness, and overall quality of food products, particularly meats and poultry.

The line consists of:

1. Inject Star ESC-800 vacuum tumbler with cooling capable of mixing meat and seasonings under vacuum, which helps in loosening the fibrous tissue of meat, thereby improving the pickling and flavoring effects.
Technical data:
Drum rotation speed: 1,5-15 rpm
Bush vacuum pump
Total power: 8.1 kW
Vacuum value: up to 90%
Total dimensions:
Tumbler: L: 2650 x W: 1300 x H: 1650mm
Cooling unit: L: 800 x W: 600 x H: 950mm

2. Inject Star BI-176-P injector designed for injecting marinades, brines, or flavor solutions into meat products. 
Needle diameter: 3mm
Working width: 350mm
Product clearance: 200mm
Power: 12.5 kW
Voltage 3×400V, 50Hz
Dimensions: L: 1900 x W: 700 x H: 2000mm

3. Inject Star LBS-400 brine mixer designed for efficiency and simplicity, capable of mixing up to 400 liters of brine. 
Power: 5.1 kW
Voltage: 3x400V 50Hz
Dimensions: L: 1400 x W: 1000 x H: 2200mm
Weight: approx 200kg