Inject Star BI-176-P injector

The Inject Star BI 176-P is a meat injector designed for injecting marinades, brines, or flavor solutions into meat products. The 4mm needle diameter allows for controlled injection and distribution of the brine throughout the meat.
BI 176-P is designed for high injection capacity, allowing for efficient processing of a large volume of meat products. This capability is particularly useful in commercial food processing settings where there is a need for high productivity.

Equipped with brine filter to remove any solid particles or impurities from the brine or marinade solution before it is injected into the meat which helps to prevent blockages in the injection system, ensuring that the marinade flows freely through the needles

Needle diameter: 4mm
Working width: 350mm
Product clearance: 200mm
Power: 12.5 kW
Voltage 3×400V, 50Hz
Dimensions: L: 1900 x W: 700 x H: 2000mm