Skinners are professional butcher’s machines. As the name suggests, they are used for skinning various types of meat. These devices are specialized equipment, recommended for use in butcheries, but also in other meat processing plants. The BMG Trade offer includes modern skinners, equipped with solutions that facilitate everyday work. Depending on the selected model, they will be perfect for smaller premises as well as large food industry enterprises.

What is skinning machine used for?

The main task of each butcher machine is to relieve workers and improve quality of production in a processing plant. The skinning machine is a professional device that allows you to remove skin and tissue easily and quickly. It can be used for most types of meat. The equipment we offer will not have a problem with pork, poultry, beef, veal, venison, and many others. Skinning machines will process both flat and round fragments.

This type of device will find its place in every plant, where safety and continuity of work are factors od the highest importance. Regardless of whether the company produces meat on a larger or smaller scale, a skinning machine will be a great convenience.

Skinners of the highest quality

All models of skinning machines that can be found in our store are top-shelf devices. At BMG Trade, we know, that in the food industry, the quality of workmanship is of key importance. That is why we provide our clients with equipment designed with passion and equipped with the necessary, modern solutions. Each skinner we offer is a machine coming from a world-renowned manufacturer.

Companies such as Maja, Grasselli, Nock or Weber guarantee high-quality devices intended for professional use. Thanks to the built-in modern functions as well as durable cases and components, they are adapted to uninterrupted use every day. With such equipment on-board, you can be sure that the production line in your company will not be stopped even for a moment. This will guarantee continuous smoothness of the skinning process and, above all, high production efficiency.

The greatest advantages of BMG Trade’s skinners

Efficiency is an exceptionally important feature of butcher machines. In order to provide this attribute to our customers, we deliver equipment that is equipped with special functions. They can significantly increase the capabilities of a given device. Thanks to them, skinning process is smoother and much faster. In order to facilitate the production in butcher’s plants as much as possible, the skinning machines from our offer have built-in accessories such as:

  • manual mode for round-shaped products,
  • knife adjustment,
  • spring knife holder,
  • pressure rollers that guarantee constant performance,
  • electric switch,
  • smooth adjustment of the gaps between the blades,
  • easily removable parts which facilitate cleaning of the devices.

Ergonomic construction of each skinning machine is also worth mentioning. The materials used in the construction meet the highest hygiene standards. Stainless steel ensures the durability of all components. Flat and rounded surfaces facilitate maintenance and cleaning of hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.

The best devices from BMG Trade

Each skinner from our offer undergoes regular inspections and repairs. Thanks to this, the used devices are fully functional and can be used for many years. They often do not differ in quality from new machines. Because of the maintenance carried out by our specialists, skinners are ready for operation immediately after installation. One of our services is also fixing the equipment in the event of any failure. Therefore, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full offer on our website. If you have any questions, our representatives will try to dispel any doubts.