A food or meat mixer is a professional equipment, that can greatly facilitate the process of grinding all kinds of stuffing and other food products. Devices of this type are mainly used in butcheries, but they can also be useful in other food industry plants which produce various types of cold cuts or canned food. The butcher machines offered by BMG Trade, both used and new, are irreplaceable support, that greatly increases work efficiency. Every owner of a processing company should consider such a purchase.

Electric meat mixer

Firstly, all the food mixers have to operate efficiently and effectively for many hours. They are meant to replace physical work, which is much slower. The time plays a key role in every business. Therefore, mixers should be placed in all of the places, where the production of large amounts of meat is part of everyday routine. They will be a great simplification and improvement of the production of sauces or stuffing.

This is very important in the context of maintaining a good position among direct competitors. That is why our meat mixers are adapted to rapid production under all conditions. These butcher machines will ensure the continuity of product processing and increase the efficiency of the entire enterprise. Thanks to the automation of the plant, the effects will be felt after a short time.

Food mixers of the highest quality

Each stuffing mixer from our store is a construction, built with attention to the smallest details. Manufacturers from all over the world, who we have been cooperating with for many years, always focus on using the strongest materials. Polished stainless steel or acid-resistant steel guarantee high wear resistance, as well as resistance to many, various types of damage.

Brands, whose equipment can be found in our offer, include: Laska, Inotec, Alco, Stephan and many others. The engineers of these companies make sure that the meat mixers will serve and work every day for many years. Another important thing is that the machines do not affect the taste of the processed food products in any way. In addition, the above-mentioned manufacturers offer vacuum mixers equipped with such technologies as:

  • modern, electric motors,
  • pneumatically opened cover,
  • ergonomically shaped tanks, which facilitate the unloading of stuffing,
  • controllers with programmable recipes, which guarantee repeatability of the production,
  • cooling systems that help to maintain the correct shape of products during further processing.

The cooling functions also protect the products from the possibility of bacteria growth during the process. This extends the shelf life of the mixed products. Furthermore, the vacuum mixers, thanks to the air suction system, keep the natural taste, smell and color of all the foodstuffs.

Used butchers’ machines in perfect condition

Each used meat mixer from our offer is an equipment, that is in no way inferior to the new models, which have just left factories. Our technicians deal with servicing and constant maintenance of machines, so to ensure their durability. Comprehensive inspections guarantee full efficiency after the purchase and stable work efficiency at a highest level. Additionally, some of the proposed devices are exhibition pieces. This means that they have never been used in any plant before.

Mixers for dough, vegetables and other products

Mixers from BMG Trade are butcher machines with a very wide range of applications. Specific technological solutions make them useful for processing of many food products. Apart from all kinds of stuffing, they can be successfully used for mixing dough, sauces, vegetables, salads or even cheeses. Moreover, the devices can also be used for the production of sausages, as well as for the standardization, curing and averaging of meats, salads, frozen foods and other products. Such versatility of the mixer application makes it extremely useful equipment in food industry plants.

Therefore, vacuum mixers are equipment suitable not only for butcher’s shops, but also for restaurants, bakeries, catering companies and other facilities, which are present in the broadly understood meat industry. High class and compliance with European Union standards, which characterize our devices, ensure accurate and fast work. These are the factors that will significantly improve the operational efficiency of each enterprise.

How to choose the best food mixer?

If you do not know what type of machine will be appropriate for the specifics of your plant’s operation, please contact us. Our experienced employees will suggest devices that meet the requirements and advise you in choosing the best model, which will ensure efficient and safe work every day. If you have any doubts, they will also answer all of your questions. Therefore, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of our food mixers.