Convection-steam oven

A convection-stem oven is one of the basic devices, used in every professional kitchen. This type of equipment is reliable, functional and allows you to bring out the full flavour of each dish. It also has a very positive effect on the organization of work in the kitchen, as it is a modern alternative to traditional baking methods. A convection-stem oven can therefore turn out to be an invaluable help both in large catering establishments and smaller hotel kitchens or catering companies.

How does the convection-steam oven work?

A typical convection-steam oven does not differ from a traditional oven as much as one might think. The main difference is the use of large fans inside this more modern unit. The fans make the hot air efficiently squeeze between the individual floors, which contain the products. The temperature and strength of the aeration can be changed via the control system.

The air in the oven is heated with a special electric heater. It enters the main chamber thanks to the fans. Then, it goes to the filter, where it is cleaned, reheated, and goes back to the chamber with food products. An additional steaming function ensures adequate humidity. The right proportions of air and water guarantee the best taste, because the dishes do not dry out. They are crunchy on the outside and stay juicy and soft on the inside.

Convection-steam oven – essential equipment for a professional kitchen

To meet the expectations of all customers, chefs and restaurant owners must constantly look for new solutions, that will help to increase work efficiency. The purchase of a suitable convection-steam oven can greatly facilitate and speed up the production of various dishes. This type of device is a reliable partner that will guarantee that each dish will be of the highest quality. Browning, baking or even cooking will not be a problem.

How to use the convection-steam oven?

The characteristic structure of the convection-steam oven ensures full control of humidity in the chamber. Because of this, you can get the highest quality dishes, even when the chamber is full. The integration of three different cooking systems gives you the freedom to choose the method of preparing your dishes. Professional ovens from the BMG Trade’s offer allow you to bake various dishes at the same time without mixing aromas. Depending on the desired effect, you can use one of the three functions.

  • Convection ensures that food is cooked without the use of steam. It works particularly well with food that does not require a lot of moisture.
  • Steam guarantees high humidity which is suitable for dishes such as certain types of desserts.
  • Mixed mode ensures low humidity that enables stewing, low-temperature cooking, dough rising and baking bread.

Where will the convection-steam oven be useful?

Convection-steam ovens are available in many sizes. The multi-level, large models will be perfect for restaurants or canteens. They will allow processing of several dishes at the same time. On the other hand, small catering establishments may opt for more compact ovens. They do not take up much space and can still provide unique quality of products. The BMG Trade offer includes items that will fit into any working environment.

Reliable convection-steam ovens from BMG Trade

Each convection-steam oven from the BMG Trade offer is a device equipped with modern solutions and the latest technologies. The equipment is made of the highest quality materials and components. As a result, the ovens are not only easy to use, but also fault-free. Moreover, the multitude of available functions ensures efficient defrosting, heating, and cooking. The high efficiency of all these processes does not adversely affect the taste and properties of the food. Products subjected to heat treatment in an oven from our offer will make customers happy to return to your gastronomic establishment.

Convection-stream oven – price

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine a professional kitchen without a convection-steam oven. The device improves and significantly speeds up the process of preparing meals without losing taste and quality of foodstuffs. A huge selection of different items allows you to adjust the stove to the specifics of the premises. The purchase of such equipment is therefore a long-term investment. Its price depends on several factors. Of course, the most important thing is the size. The power supply is also important. Currently, gas and electric ovens are the most frequently chosen. The final decision always depends on the expectations and budget.

Used convection-steam oven

Bearing in mind the high expectations of consumers, we supply convection-steam ovens only from well-known and respected manufacturers. The equipment of the best brands is designed to operate continuously even in extreme conditions. To ensure the highest quality, specialists from BMG Trade also carry out necessary repairs and periodic inspections of all machines. That is why used convection-steam ovens are in no way inferior to new devices. Therefore, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the entire range of items.