Dicers are devices designed for use in professional food processing facilities. These specialized pieces of equipment are used to cut products into small parts. They are indispensable machines for enterprises operating in the field of the butcher’s industry. Our offer includes modern and very efficient dicers, that can significantly speed up the preparation process of meat, vegetables and other foodstuffs.

Dicers for meat, but not only

BMG Trade offers solutions for butchers and meat processing plants, but also for other facilities working in food processing business. Canteens, markets, shops, catering companies, bars, restaurants and hotels can also benefit from buying one of the devices from our store. Professional machines, such as dicers, take a lot of work from workers’ shoulders. Because of that, the time needed for the processing of foodstuffs is much shorter. It can notably improve the performance of the whole enterprise. For that reason, the devices we offer are always appreciated in every place, where preparing large amounts of food products is everyday routine.

Slicing machine of the highest quality

Our offer is always adjusted to the market, in a way to present devices for all types of the food processing plants. Therefore, you can find models which differ from each other in parameters such as: size, weight and power. The machines also have different properties, regarding the thickness of the manufactured product. However, regardless of the chosen type of the equipment, we can guarantee the highest quality of a device’s construction. Stainless steel or acid-resistant steel are materials that ensure adequate durability, as well as resistance to corrosion or mechanical damage. Because of that, the maintenance and taking care of the hygienic work conditions are extremely easy. Other advantages of our dicers are:

  • easy access to the components that require periodic controls,
  • additional sets of cutting nets and knives,
  • construction equipped with an integrated loading system.

We also offer machines which are ready to work in extreme conditions. If you need a dicer, that can deal with frozen products and is very reliable in low temperatures, we can find the one you need. Moreover, each machine we have in out store goes through comprehensive inspection, carried out by qualified technicians. We also provide assistance in the assembly of a device at the workplace. If needed, we can also take care of the subsequent servicing of machines.

Many possible uses of the dicers

The devices available for purchase in our store, designed by the best manufacturers, provide assistance in cutting every product. The machines will perfectly cut fresh meat, as well as for cooked, baked and frozen. However, they are also suitable for preparing fish, sausages, cold cuts, bacon or cheese. If necessary, a vegetable dicer can handle all kinds of edible plants and greens.

Machines from our offer can also cut the products in many various forms. Depending on your preferences, the devices will quickly and efficiently turn entire blocks of foodstuffs into bars, strips, slices or chips. A wide range of options means that every entrepreneur will find equipment, that fully meets all of their requirements. The multitude of used technologies also provides the possibility of adapting the dicing machine to the specific work environmentof a particular facility.

Dicers from trusted manufacturers

BMG Trade understands that machines for the food industry have to be reliable and efficient. Due to the many hours worked every day, the manufacture of devices and the technologies used in the construction should always meet the highest standards. For that reason, our company offers only modern machines, constructed by manufacturers which are well-known and respected all over the world. Brands such as Ruhle, Holac, Treif, Fam and Urschel can guarantee many years of operation without any disruptions.

Therefore, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the full range of dicing machines, which are available in our store. Detailed descriptions of each device will allow you to choose the perfect equipment, that will ensure efficient and safe operation. If you have any questions, please contact our specialists who will surely dispel all of your doubts.