Slaughterhouse equipment

Each enterprise, falling within the scope of the food industry, requires appropriate equipment. In the case of slaughterhouses, it will be equipment for production lines. Good quality equipment can significantly improve the operation of the plant. The BMG Trade offer includes modern devices, that facilitate everyday work. Thanks to the built-in innovative functions they are efficient and durable. Depending on the selected model, they will be perfect for any slaughter facility.

Slaughterhouse equipment of the highest quality

Our assortment includes only the best machines for the meat industry. BMG Trade works with clients both in Poland and abroad. We know that the food industry requires top-shelf equipment. That is why we provide slaughterhouse equipment designed by the best constructors. Each proposed device comes from a world-renowned manufacturer. Thanks to this, you can be sure that all parts of the production line will meet the requirements set for them.

Companies such as Meyn, Kolbe or Anitec have guaranteed the best quality for many years, which makes their machines perfect for professional use. Thanks to modern solutions and durable cases and components, they are adapted to continuous, uninterrupted work every day. The equipment of the slaughterhouse for pigs of these brands ensures that the plant will not be stopped even for a moment. Additionally, workflow and, above all, efficiency will significantly increase.

High-performance slaughter lines

Modern equipment of cattle or pig slaughterhouses must include the entire production line. The BMG Trade offer includes very efficient devices, tailored to the client’s expectations. Their construction is also worth mentioning because they are made of the highest quality materials. Stainless or acid-resistant steel ensure the durability of all components. Thanks to these metals, each equipment meets the highest hygiene standards. Flat surfaces and rounded edges allow easy maintenance and cleaning, even in hard-to-reach places.

Modern cut-up lines

The complete and efficient equipment of the slaughterhouse must consist of many devices. One of them is a modern cutting line. BMG Trade can offer such devices, tailored to the specific nature of the work. Various modes and special functions significantly increase the possibilities of the machines. Thanks to them, each process during the production is much faster. The lines we offer are suitable for cutting both fresh meat and defrosted products. This type of equipment will find its place wherever safety and continuity of work are factors of the highest importance. Regardless of whether the company deals with production on a larger or smaller scale, slaughterhouses from BMG Trade will be a great tool.

The best devices from BMG Trade

Equipment for pig and cattle slaughterhouses, which can be found in our offer, undergoes regular inspections and repairs. Thanks to this, the equipment is always fully functional and does not differ in quality from completely new devices. Our specialists also carry out a thorough inspection just before the sale. Thanks to this, each production line is ready for operation immediately after installation. We also offer the possibility of servicing machines in the event of any faults. Therefore, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the entire assortment. If you have any questions, please contact our representatives.