Clipping machines

Good packaging is a must for anyone producing food. Clipping machines are professional devices, perfect for food processing businesses. Automatic or manual clipping machines will significantly speed up the food packaging process. The consistent packaging, which these machines offer, will also allow safe and clean storing of any food products. In our stock, you will find high quality machines that will make your business much more effective.

Guarantee of high-quality clippers

Considering variety of uses, this type of equipment is recommended for many branches of production industry. Clippers will find their place in every business where powerful clamp is of the highest importance. With our offer of clipping machines, the right choice of the device should not be a problem.

We put forward clippers from recognized and valued manufacturers such as PolyClip or Alpina, who we have worked with for many years. We always try to meet the needs of even the most demanding clients. Because of that, machines available in our store are of the highest quality.

Durable and dependable equipment

Our main goal is to provide devices that will perform on the highest level for many years. To make that happen, we distribute machines made of durable, corrosion resistant materials such as stainless steel or acid-resistant steel. Besides reliability, these types of metal have a few more advantages. Among other things, these materials make machines easy to clean and damage resilient.

Moreover, operating the machines we offer, is much easier because of implemented modern solutions. After a while, every machine becomes remarkably intuitive. Furthermore, the systems will ensure the clipping machine you choose will work quickly and efficiently. Because of that, our devices are outstandingly practical and effective.

Adjusted devices from BMG Trade

Clipping machines are indispensable devices in every food processing facility. The crucial feature is closing food packages, so they do not spill. However, each of the facilities require different, more specific properties. The possibility of putting the machine into already operating production line, low noise level, compactness or user-friendliness – to meet these expectations, we provide a great selection of devices with many distinctive features.

Our automatic clipping machines enable adjusting the process for your needs. Because of that, the products will always be packed with care for freshness and shape of food. Clipping machines differ in size and technical parameters. Additionally, clippers have many options such as:

  • automatic loop feeder,
  • movable, pneumatic brake,
  • electric tape ejecting closed products,
  • adjustable clipping speed,
  • electrical and mechanical connection with the stuffer.

These, and many more features our clipping machines offer, allow you to choose a machine that will fit in every condition. Moreover, because of many years of experience and individual approach we have, we will be able to help you choose a spot-on device. We encourage you to check our full offer and contact us anytime.