Automatic double-clipper PolyClip FCA 3430

Used automatic clipper PolyClip FCA 3430 is an excellent and reliable device for clipping all types of casings with a caliber of 24-60mm, and 90mm for plastic casings. The device works with all types of stuffers equipped with a portioning device.
The FCA 3430 has a clip size of 15/6 and is able to make 200 cycles/min. Control of the device is achieved via a transparent touch screen. Robust stainless steel design 
ensures long machine life. Available to combine this device with the PolyClip ES5000 labeller

Manufacturer: Poly-Clip
Model: FCA 3430
Height: 2015 mm
Width: 1445 mm
Length: 1200 mm
Weight: 570 kg
Electric power supply: 400V 50Hz 3N 
Efficiency: 200 cycles/min 

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