Compared to other butcher machines the vacuum tumbler is a new device on the market. It is recommended mainly for use in large meat processing plants, but some models may also work very well in smaller butcheries and other premises. This type of equipment allows making the meat exceptionally flexible. Massaged products are a guarantee of the best taste. Tumblers from BMG Trade work precisely without destroying the structure of meat.

Vacuum tumbler of the highest quality

Meat tumblers offered by BMG Trade are efficient devices, adapted to difficult working conditions. Modern machines will be perfect for massaging various types of bone products, carcasses, smoked meats, as well as poultry elements in the production of high-class sausage products. We deliver exceptional equipment that ensure the expected production efficiency. In our store you will find ham tumblers, coming only from proven and trusted producers. Brands such as Lutetia, Ruhle, Nowicki or Vakona have been specializing in finding new, reliable solutions for many years. Because of that, the machines from these manufacturers can facilitate work in various plants.

Professional meat tumbler

Vacuum tumblers are the basic elements of production lines in large food processing plans, but also in smaller eateries. This type of device will be a great help in any place, which requires production of large amounts of high-quality meat products. The ham tumbler allows you to make any meat more flexible quickly and effectively. The use of a pulsating vacuum during the process, which allows meat to absorb the entire curing mixture, ensures freshness and quality of the product.

Modern devices from BMG Trade do not damage the structure of the meat. Their effect on foodstuffs is quite the opposite. They improve the quality parameters. Thanks to high-class equipment, the products become crisp and juicy. Such properties of cold meats are appreciated in all gastronomic establishments. That is why the vacuum tumblers we offer will be perfect not only in butcher’s shops, but also in restaurants, catering establishments and hotels.

The advantages of meat tumblers from BMG Trade

In our offer you can find a wide range of meat massaging machines. They are distinguished by unprecedented performance and reliability. They are also resistant to high exploitation. Therefore, they are perfect for plants, where production lines run continuously without interruption. We offer many models of devices that differ in size, technical parameters, and available operating modes. They are also equipped with special amenities such as:

  • cooling jackets,
  • speed control system,
  • simple and intuitive programming system,
  • highly efficient cooling unit,
  • vacuum pumps.

Each machine at BMG Trade is characterized by an ergonomic and durable construction. The materials used to construct the devices are of the highest quality. Stainless steel and acid-resistant steel are metals that are safe in contact with food. Therefore, meat tumblers do not adversely affect the final product. They also operate with extreme precision. The compact design and microprocessor control ensure the accuracy of each process.

With the use of all modern solutions, the machines remain easy to use. They can work in all conditions without loss of efficiency. Flat surfaces also facilitate cleaning of hard-to-reach places. The possibility of smooth adjustment of massaging parameters allows adaptation to the specifics of work. This saves time and energy during the production process.

Reliable used machines from BMG Trade

Each used meat tumbler from our store is ready to work immediately after installation. All machines are regularly serviced and fixed. Our specialists also conduct a thorough pre-sale inspection. Thanks to this, we can certainly confirm the actual condition of the equipment. A meat massager from BMG Trade is therefore a guarantee of efficiency. It can be used in your meat processing plant for many years. We also offer repairs in the event of any failure. We invite you to contact us to find out more about the devices.