Metalbud Nowicki MA 3600-PSCH vacuum tumbler with cooling

Used Metalbud Nowicki vacuum tumbler with a capacity of 3600l with a cooling system is a device that provides excellent performance of the massaging process.
The machine has an insulated cooling jacket around the perimeter of the drum and an external cooling unit (food-grade glycol refrigerant).
The device gives the possibility to work with external central cooling systems.
The set includes the Metalbud Nowicki MA 3600-PSCH massager and the Metalbud Nowicki ZCH-3 cooling unit

Dimensions of the cooling unit:
L: 1300 x W: 750 x H: 1250mm
Weight: 170kg

Manufacturer: Metalbud Nowicki
Model: MA 3600-PSCH
Height: 2050 mm
Width: 1800 mm
Length: 4020 mm
Weight: 2250 kg
Capacity: 3600 l
Electricity supply: 400V 50Hz 3N
Total power: 7.2 kW