Inject Star ESC-800 vacuum tumbler with cooling

Inject Star tumblers are known for their robust design and are suitable for various applications including red meat, poultry, and fish.
The machine has an insulated cooling jacket around the perimeter of the drum and an external cooling unit (food-grade glycol refrigerant).
Model ESC-800 has the volume capacity of 800l and batch capacity of 360kg.
Easy to operate touch panel provides access to machine parameters, production control, temperature control etc.

In set with cooling unit.

Technical data:
Drum rotation speed: 1,5-15 rpm
Bush vacuum pump
Total power: 8.1 kW
Vacuum value: up to 90%
Total dimensions:
Tumbler: L: 2650 x W: 1300 x H: 1650mm
Cooling unit: L: 800 x W: 600 x H: 950mm