Fillers / Stuffers

The vacuum stuffer is a professional device, equipped with various modern solutions that facilitate everyday work in butcher’s shops. BMG Trade’s wide range of products includes many filling machines, available in different variants. Depending on the model, the equipment is recommended for use in meat processing plants as well as in various types of catering establishments. Find out what are the advantages of the stuffers we offer. We have no doubts that they will work in all conditions and meet even the highest expectations.

What is a vacuum stuffer used for?

The main purpose of all butcher machines is to make workers’ lives easier and to improve the pace of the production in any processing plant. The vacuum stuffer will come useful in all the places where precise and quick dosing of stuffing is essential. Depending on the size of the selected device, the gastronomic meat stuffer will work well in the production of sausages in small batches as well as on a large scale. In addition to the significant acceleration of the production process, specialized devices from BMG Trade also offer delicate products of the highest quality.

The best meat processing machines – stuffers

BMG Trade knows that the performance of all devices is of key importance in the food industry. That is why we try to deliver machines constructed with passion and equipped with modern solutions. Each vacuum stuffer we offer is top-shelf equipment, designed by world-renowned companies. Manufacturers such as Handtmann, Vemag or Inotec guarantee high-class devices for filling meat products, bakery dough, as well as other food products.

Vacuum meat stuffers of the highest quality

A wide selection of stuffers from the best producers allows you to choose a device that will perfectly match the specifics of your plant’s operation. All the machines we offer ensure high work efficiency and very fast portioning. They will work even with very complex foodstuffs, because they are equipped with many improvements, such as:

  • powerful system of double-screw pump,
  • stuffing pump equipped with special rotor,
  • integrated control and loading system,
  • wrapping and supporting mechanisms.

The sausage stuffers available at BMG Trade are also characterized by the fact that they can work continuously and produce even batches of products. This is possible thanks to the hydraulic drive. Moreover, all the models we propose are intuitive and do not fail even in extreme conditions. They are usually made of stainless steel or acid-resistant steel. Such materials create solid structure, which ensures resistance to damage and also makes it very easy to clean the machine.

Where will a vacuum stuffer be useful?

Contrary to appearances, a meat stuffer is not a device intended only for large production plants. You can easily find models that will work perfectly in smaller eateries. The BMG Trade offer includes both industrial machines and their compact variants. This allows you to choose solutions and technologies that will be very useful in a specific workplace. Regardless of the size, each of the stuffing machines ensures maximum precision in the manufacturing process. Thanks to this, our devices can meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Used stuffers and fillers in perfect condition

Each used stuffer in our offer undergoes regular inspections and repairs. Such operations are carried out to ensure that each device is in perfect condition. Thanks to the maintenance we carry out, the proposed machines are ready to work immediately after installation. Also, one of our services is servicing of purchased equipment. Therefore, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full offer on our website. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will try to dispel all doubts.