Vemag HP17C vacuum stuffer

In Vemag fillers, type HP, the manufacturer has used a double auger system. This system ensures that the product is transferred gently and evenly to the outlet. The same volume is transferred with each rotation of the augers, with the air being removed from the product by the vacuum system. The speed of the double auger system, and thus the amount of product to be portioned, can be adjusted infinitely. The product to be filled can be fed continuously or in single portions.

Portioning range: 5-60.000g
Capacity of up to 700 servings per minute

Manufacturer: Vemag
Model: HP17C
Height: 2040 mm
Width: 2505 mm
Length: 1349 mm
Weight: 1400 kg
Capacity: 350 l
Filling pressure: up to 50bar
Electricity supply: 400V 50Hz 3N
Total power: 24 kW
Capacity: up to 7000 kg/h

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