Industrial washers are professional devices designed for washing all kinds of plastic and metal containers. Such boxes are used in all sectors of the meat and food industry. Professional machines offered by BMG Trade are characterized by exceptional durability and efficiency. The tunnel washer for containers from our offer can significantly facilitate the daily work of various types of plants.

What are industrial washers used for?

A washer for plastic containers is one of the key devices in any processing plant. It makes everyday work much easier and faster. The main task of this machine is to clean and disinfect various crates that are used to store food. The tunnel washer has a direct impact on the safety of the food products sold. Therefore, such a machine should be found both in large industrial establishments and in smaller caterings and restaurants.

Washers of the highest quality

All devices from the BMG Trade offer are top quality tools. Flawless workmanship and high practicality are the features that we pay attention to when delivering each machine to the food industry. Container washers from our assortment come only from proven, reputable manufacturers from all over the world. They design each device with passion. Comfortable and safe work is the most important factor.

Companies such as Nowicki or Pebock are experienced suppliers of the highest quality elements of various types of production lines. Container washers of these brands are equipped with appropriate solutions and modern functions that significantly facilitate everyday work. Equipped with such devices, you can save a lot of time and energy. Thanks to this, each plant can operate much more smoothly and, above all, gain exceptional production efficiency.

The advantages of BMG Trade’s container washers

All models of container washers, that can be found in the BMG Trade assortment, are top-shelf appliances. Thanks to our experience, we know that impeccable quality of workmanship and resistance to exploitation are of great importance in the food industry. That is why we offer tools equipped with special solutions that increase the possibilities and technical parameters of the machines. Some of the most useful amenities are:

  • automatic washing powder dispenser,
  • water filtration and recirculation system,
  • fully programmable washing process, broken down into individual operations,
  • automatic loading and unloading system,
  • roller conveyor for washed containers.

Tunnel washers we offer are constructed with the highest quality materials. Stainless and acid-resistant steel meet all hygiene standards. Durable metals also guarantee many years of operation without any mechanical damage.

Used washer for containers from BMG Trade

Each device purchased at BMG Trade undergoes an appropriate inspection just before sale. Thanks to our experience, we know what a professional container washer should look like. Any used machine from our offer does not differ in quality from new washers. It is ready to go immediately after delivery. Our specialists also offer fixing of the equipment in the event of any failure. So, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the available models. If you have any questions, please contact our representatives. They will surely dispel all doubts.