Metalbud Nowicki Container Washer MPU-600

Nowicki MPU-600 container washer, designed for cleaning all containers, lids and trays. Provides economical, hygienic and effective cleaning and disinfection. Made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

Capacity: up to 600 containers per hour
Container width range: 22-700 mm
Container length range: 400-700 mm
Transporter type: 2x Stainless steel chain

Manufacturer: Metalbud Nowicki
Model: MPU-600
Height: 2100 mm
Width: 1515 mm
Length: 3915+2300 mm
Weight: 810 kg
Electric power supply: 400V 50Hz 3N
Total power: 7,5 kW
Efficiency: 600 pc/h