Metal Detectors / Checkweighters / Conveyors

Detectors of metal are fundamental equipment, which ensures that products are of the greatest quality. Detectors available in our store are advanced machines, recognizing any type of metal pollution in packed products. Moreover, some devices are able to detect not only metals, but also plastic or wood shards. Find out more about the range of detectors we offer and choose a device, which will meet your expectations.

Metal detector for food industry

If you want to be sure that your product is safe for customers, food metal detectors are a proven solution. Food industry and its regulations require using dependable and durable devices. Metal detector machines we offer have the highest detection rate. Because of that, you can be sure that the tested food will not contain any kind of contamination. Furthermore, in our store you will find models of machinery that:

  • have different variants of holes,
  • are made for continuous work, without any breaks,
  • are easy to install and use,
  • have construction which makes them easy to clean,
  • can detect different types of metals such as aluminum, iron or steel.

Used metal detector machine

If your company produces foodstuffs of any kind, you should think about getting metal detector. Food processing business comes with a ton of regulations and it does not forgive any mistakes. Because of that, even used machines have to meet the toughest requirements. For this reason, the devices we offer will be of the highest quality, very similar or the same as new equipment. If you eventually decide on a used one, check BMG Trade store, contact us and choose the perfect metal detector. Price will be also a huge advantage of used machines.


The weight measurement in food weights is made when a product is moved through it with conveyor belt. It means that this is an extremely quick process. The devices are very useful for segregating products on the basis of their weight. Because of that, the checkweighers we offer are optimally suited for control weighing in all sectors of the industry. Some devices have additional functions such as:

  • rejection of the products that do not meet the given requirements,
  • aggregation of all the measurements from the production line,
  • control of the tested, packed products.

Checkweighers for each facility

Every food weight we offer is usually adjusted to work in constantly changing production conditions. Flexible high adjustment or reversible transport direction are factors, that will make the change of the work flow much easier. The checkweighers are also very intuitive. The user interface is simple and easy to use. It usually has multilingual, icon-based menu system with unlimited user profiles. This makes setup and changeover procedures fast and efficient. Also, there is no need for additional operator training.

In our offer, you will find devices with a weighing range starting at a few grams and ending at even a dozen kilograms. Due to the wide range of products, you are always able to choose a device, which will be a perfect fit for your food processing business. Check our full offer and choose a quality machine, which will significantly improve the efficiency of your facility.

Meat conveyors

During the handling of food products, especially the conveying of food, it must be ensured that no undesirable shards or substances are introduced into the packaging. Unfortunately, during the transportation process, the likelihood of contamination is very high. BMG Trade offers conveyors, which meet the highest safety regulations and hygiene standards. Another important factor is gentle transport of a product. Adjustable speed and the light weight of a conveyor are the assurance, that the final product will not be damaged.

Guarantee of the highest quality and safety

We are aware that metal detectors have a direct impact on the safety of consumers. Because of that, we offer devices from the best manufacturers, who are valued around the whole world. We have cooperated with the brands such as Sesotec, Fisher or Zomerdam for many years. They are a sign that the product will be of the highest quality. For this reason, food industry facilities will surely make a benefit from purchasing checkweighers, metal detectors or conveyors from BMG Trade’s store.