Loma AS/IQ2 check and detect system

LOMA integrated systems combine metal detection and checkweighing functions. They provide the perfect solution for food product inspection. The combo system creates a robust critical control point where ease of installation and operation is accompanied by simplified processes and improved production quality.

Loma AS checkweigher:
Range 20-1500 grams
Platform lenth 300mm
Belt Speed to 20 meters per min.
Compressed air reject

Loma IQ2 metal detector:
Belt width: 150mm
Gate dimensions: 150 x H 110mm
Sensitivity: up to 1.0mm Ferrous, 1.0mm Non-Ferrous, and 1.5mm Stainless Steel.

Total dimensions: L: 2200 x W: 1000 x H: 1150mm

Metal Detectors / Checkweighters / Conveyors