Vemag Robby 2 with PolyClip PDC700

An automatic sausage fillier Vemag Robby 2 in set with semi-automatic clipper PolyClip PDC700 is a sophisticated system used in the food industry to automate the process of filling sausages with meat or other ingredients and securely sealing them with clips or ties.

Vemag Robby 2 is designed to provide accurate portion control for sausage filling. It ensures consistent sizes and weights of sausages, contributing to product quality and uniformity. The machine is designed for easy and quick changeover between different sausage sizes and recipes. It also features a hygienic design with easily removable parts, allowing for efficient cleaning and sanitation.
Equipped with integrated loading for 200l meat bins

Additional equipment: casing holder and twisting

Filling capacity: up to 3,000 kg/h
Portioning range: 5 – 60,000 g
Weight: 430 kg
Power: 5,1kW
Dimensions: L: 1700 x W:700 x H: 1900 mm

PolyClip PDC 700 is a semi-automatic double clipper which ensure precise and consistent clipping accuracy, delivering tightly sealed sausages or food products. This feature helps maintain product freshness, prevent leakage, and enhance product presentation.  It has the ability to close casings with a caliber from 38 to 115 mm.

Dimensions: :: 1100 x W: 700 x H: 1950mm
Weight: 118 kg
Power: 0,1kW

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