Handtmann VF612 vacuum filler

The Handtmann VF612 vacuum filler is known for its precision, reliability, and flexibility. Air-free filling technology is crucial for maintaining the quality and shelf life of the product. Handtmann fillers meet the strictest standards in the food industry. Intuitive touch-screen operation makes it easy to set various programs and allows to connect additional devices such as AL line.
All stainless steel construction.

Machine is equipped with a Bush vacuum pump with a capacity: 16 m3/h.
In set with twisting and casing holder

Portioning range: 5 – 100,000 g
Efficiency: up to 600 portions per minute and 3000kg/h
Filling pressure: 35 bar
Hopper capacity: 90/240l
Power: 4.5kW
Electric: 400V, 3ph, 50Hz

Total dimensions: L: 1450mm x W: 1300mm x H: 2100mm
Weight: 500kg

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