Handtmann VF620 vacuum filler

Handtmann is known for its high-quality food processing equipment, and their vacuum fillers are particularly appreciated for their precision, reliability, and durability. Model VF620 is designed to remove air effectively from the product, which helps in maintaining texture and integrity, especially important in products like sausages. Equipped with integrated loading for 200l meat bins.

This model can also be integrated into existing production line such as AL line or can be paired with other equipment such as twisting and casing holder device for a seamless operation.

Manufacturer: Handtmann
Model: VF620
Power: 8kW
Efficiency: up to 6000kg/h
Electric: 400V 50Hz 3N
Filling pressure: up to 40bar
Portion range: 5-100.000 g
Hopper capacity: 90/240l
Dimensions: L: 1350 x W: 1950 x H: 2100mm
Weight: 1400kg

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