Handtmann VF616 vacuum filler

Handtmann VF616 vacuum filler is a highly efficient machine designed for precise portioning and filling in the food industry. Machine equipped with a 6kW motor, providing robust and reliable performance.
The advanced vacuum system ensures minimal air incorporation, which is crucial for maintaining product quality and shelf life.
The VF616 offers highly accurate portioning, which is essential for consistent product quality and weight control.
It comes with an intuitive control unit with 10-inch color display and user interface that simplifies operation and adjustment of parameters.

Technical data:
Power: 6kW
Vacuum pump: 16m3
Portioning and fine adjustment from 0.1 g
Portioning range from 5 to 200,000 g
Portioning speed up to 700 portions/min.
Filling pressure up to 45 bar
Filling capacity up to 3,600 kg/h
Hopper with a capacity of 240 liters

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