Rex RVF 200 vacuum stuffer

The Rex RVF 200 stuffer is a device with a very high efficiency, up to 5500 kg / h, it is used for stuffing various types of meat products, mainly sausages and frankfurters. Servings size from 1 to 99,999 g. Device is controlled by an integrated control system. The machine is equipped with loading for standard 200l meat bins.

Type: RVF 200
Filling, portioning, twisting
Filling capacity: max. 5.500 kg/hours
Filling pressure: max. 45 bar
Hopper capacity: 200 litres
Portioning range: 1-99.999 grams
Portioning speed: up to 400 portions/min
With linking gearbox
With casing holder
Complete with loader for 200 litres bins
Electric: 400 V/50 cycles, 6 kW

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