Metalbud Nowicki mixer-tumbler MAM-300 with cooling

Metalbud Nowicki MAM-300 mixer tumbler is an excellent device to use in meat processing factories, butcheries, delicatessen, dairy products etc. It can be also easily used for mixing of dry ingredients based
batches like: spices, cereals as well as different kind of sauces, salads, fruits and vegetables (fresh, frozen).

Multifunction-computer control with “Touch Screen” panel for smooth regulation and control of
all parameters of process. Up to 30 programs can be easily programmed – each one consists of
up to 20 different steps.

Fully integrated hydraulic loader dedicated for two of 200-liter meat trolleys.

Capacity of drum dm3: 300
Max charge for red meat kg ~220 kg
Max charge for poultry kg ~180 kg
Max charge for salads Liters ~220 l
Mixing arm speed rpm 0÷24
Max vacuum level % ÷95
Power supply and frequency * V;50Hz 400V 3ph
Total power installed kW 5,8
Cooling medium Freon R-507
L: 2110 mm
W: 780-1150 mm
H: 1860-2500 mm
Weigth: 1200kg