TipperTie KDCMA 400 semi-automatic double clipper

Used TipperTie KDCMA 400 semi automatic double clipper is a versitale device for clipping a variety of sausage products. Made of stainless steel and high-quality corrosion-resistant materials, designed for double-clipping artificial, collagen, natural, and fibrous casings.

The adjustable casing brake prevents overloading and ensures precise filling.
20 memory programs on a keypad control.
The machine is easily accessible for operation and cleaning, featuring swivel capability and wide-opening covers.

Technical features:
– Caliber range: 45 – 120 mm* with a variable speed of up to 60 cycles/min.
– Pneumatic clipper drive.
– Pneumatic cutting knife.
– Pneumatically controlled casing brake.
– Roller conveyor
– U-type clips (370-400)
– Automatic loop feeder with adjustable portion quantity.