Ruhle IR56 injector/tenderizer

The Ruhle IR56 injector, equipped with a set of 56 needles and a corresponding number of incision blades, is designed for processing various types of meat – both with and without bones, including poultry, meat and fish. Thanks to the use of advanced microprocessor control technology, it is possible to precisely regulate all process parameters, resulting in uniformity and high quality of final products. The injector allows precise dosing of brine to each needle, which increases the efficiency and accuracy of the process.

– individual supply of brine to each needle separately, allowing for greater precision and efficiency of injection
– productivity of the machine up to 5,000kg/hour
– tenderizer – an additional bar with a system of incision knives
– independent cut-off of brine supply to individual needles preventing formation of so called brine deposits when a needle hits a bone
– integrated brine preparation station, the design of which excludes contact of used brine with fresh brine
– 350mm wide feeding belt
– 200mm product clearance

The construction of the device together with the high-performance brine pump are made entirely of stainless steel

Power 7.5 kW
Power supply 400 V 50 Hz / 3N
L: x 1600 x W: 750 x H: 2020mm
Weight 750 kg