Inject Star BI 248 injector

Inject Star Meat Master BI 248 brine injector is a device for injecting brine into meat through needles. It can be used for various types of meat, including pork with and without bones. Number of heads: 2, number of needles: 248 (2 heads with 124 needles each), product clearance of 200mm. The injector has a separate 2-drum brine filter station and 2 brine pumps. Continuous pressure regulation in the range: 0.5 bar to 5.5 bar.

Brine filter station dimensions (LxWxH): 2600x1000x1200 mm

Manufacturer: Inject Star
Model: BI-248
Height: 2230 mm
Width: 1000 mm
Length: 2800 mm
Weight: 1200 kg
Electric power supply: 400V 50Hz 3N
Total power: 11,6 kW
Efficiency: up to 6000 kg/h